Exclusive Dog Homestay

Our exclusive treatment means that your dog will be free to do as they choose, have toys and other dogs to play with, and will receive lots of pats, cuddles and attention. Small and elderly dogs are kept separate from bigger dogs. They have their own room and paddock to play or potter around in. The number of dogs I choose to take for boarding is limited so that I can provide that extra special care and attention that Muddy Paws offers.

Why Muddy Paws is the best homestay for your doggo

Limited dog numbers

To ensure your dog receives the best treatment during their stay without over-crowding, we only accept 15 dogs per evening.

42 acres of land

Your furry family member enjoys romps around a large, picturesque farm nestled in the heart of the Kaimais.

All dogs trialled first

Every dog has an intro evening to ensure they’ll be the right fit within the group. This keeps the overall vibe calm for all the dogs.

No kennels

Only big and small dogs sleeping in separated halves to maintain a feeling of togetherness.

We provide a loving environment where the dogs have a large outdoor area to roam, as well as daily walks across the picturesque farm.

The dogs are free to roam within a fully fenced grassed area. My aim is to do my very best to create "a home away from home" for your dog. The dogs staying at Muddy Paws roam in and out of their living area as they please, there are no kennels that they are shut away in.
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Nestled among 42 acres of farm land in the Kaimais. Your dog is free to play within a safely fenced, grass area.

Muddy Paws is conveniently located just off State Highway 29 beyond McLaren falls. Easily accessible for owners leaving or visiting the Bay of Plenty for a holiday, but remote enough to give your dog a quiet and secluded stay among the Kaimais.
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5.0 out of 5 pawsitive rating

Amazing home stay, my dog absolutely loves coming here (hated being in a normal kennel & being shut away in a small run). Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 pawsitive rating

Missy had her 1st homestay this weekend. She has come home happy and tired. Such a nice feel to the place. Thanks Tamzen.

5.0 out of 5 pawsitive rating

Tamzen is amazing, understands people and dogs. Is passionate about looking after dogs and our Rosie loves visiting her aunty Tamzen.


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See your dog having the time of their life while you relax on holiday. See your dog having the time of their life while you relax on holiday.