New dogs to Muddy Paws

Muddy Paws caters for dogs of all ages and most breeds. However, for everyone's safety we have a process for new dogs.

There are certain requirements before a dog can be accepted for boarding. Your dog must be completely social and non-aggressive around all dogs and all people under all circumstances. Male dogs must be neutered if older than 6 months. Your dog must not be an excessive barker (this upsets our neighbours and the other dogs). It is our policy that all new dogs must complete at least one overnight stay on a Wednesday evening before a booking can be placed (trials will not be accepted over peak periods- school/ public holidays).
New dog enrolment form

How it works


Enrol your dog online

You’ll need to fill in our Muddy Paws enrolment form and waiver before we can accept your dog.
Enrolment form

Book in for the Wednesday trial night

You need to create an  account and select a Wednesday evening that is available to trial your dog.

Successful trial dogs

Your dog will be listed as compatible and we can happily accept them. You’ll still need to book and pay through our online system.

Unsuccessful trial stays

If your dog isn’t a good fit this time - it doesn’t mean they can’t come stay in the future. We offer advice to help with improvement.

Common FAQs for new dogs

Does my dog need to be registered?

Does my dog need to be neutered/ spayed?

​What vaccinations does my dog need to stay with you?

My dog needs medication – will you give it to them?

What if my dog falls unwell over their stay?

Reminders for all doggos

Fully Vaccinated

Updated tick & flea vaccines

Drop off + Pick up

8.30am - 10am  or  
4.30pm - 6pm


Enough food for the duration


Favourite BYO blankies welcome

New Dog Enrolment Form

Online enrolment form

Book a trial Wednesday

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